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Keto Pancakes

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Keto Pancakes

Are you a fan of pancakes but trying to stick to your keto diet? Look no further! Let’s explore the world of keto pancakes and how you can enjoy a delicious stack of fluffy goodness without compromising your low-carb lifestyle.

Pancakes are on my list of comfort foods. And this keto pancake recipe just does not disappoint when it comes to bringing delicious flavor and childhood nostalgia together.

When smothered in butter and sugar free syrup this keto pancake recipe is the perfect option for someone following a low carb or keto diet.

The bonus is that this is also a gluten free recipe. And when it comes to putting toppings on your keto pancakes I think the only limit is your imagination. Whether you are new to the ketogenic diet or have been following it for a while, these keto-friendly pancake recipes will satisfy your cravings while keeping you on track with your health goals. Get ready to indulge in guilt-free breakfasts that are both tasty and nutritious!

Keto Pancakes is a recipe for low carb lovers who are looking for a simple breakfast recipe.
Keto Pancakes

Why you will love this Keto Pancake recipe

Are you following a keto diet and missing the comforting taste of pancakes? Look no further! We have the perfect recipe that will satisfy your cravings while keeping you on track with your low-carb lifestyle. These delicious keto pancakes are not only easy to make, but they are also packed with flavor and will leave you wanting more. Get ready to fall head over heels for this delightful breakfast treat!

  1. Fluffy and Delicious:
    Who said keto pancakes can’t be fluffy? With our special combination of ingredients, these pancakes rise beautifully, resulting in a light and airy texture that is reminiscent of traditional pancakes. Say goodbye to dense and heavy alternatives – these delightful treats will melt in your mouth!
  2. Low-carb Goodness:
    One of the main advantages of this recipe is its low carbohydrate content. By using almond flour or coconut flour as the base, we eliminate high-glycemic flours like wheat or all-purpose flour, making it suitable for those following a ketogenic lifestyle. Each pancake contains minimal carbs while providing essential nutrients.
  3. Versatility at Its Best:
    Not only are these keto pancakes incredibly delicious on their own, but they also provide endless possibilities for customization! You can add sugar-free chocolate chips, blueberries, cinnamon, or even chopped nuts to take them to another level of yumminess without compromising your dietary goals.
  4. Quick and Easy Preparation:
    The last thing anyone wants early in the morning is a complicated breakfast recipe that takes ages to prepare. Fear not – our keto pancakes are quick and easy to prepare.

Key Ingredients

  • Vanilla Extract is a favorite of mine to add to most of my baking dishes to take it to the next level.
  • Baking Powder is the secret ingredient to make these keto pancakes light and fluffy Baking powder is a rising agent and it is a must in this dish.

Cooking Tools

Having the right cooking tools to create a recipe is imperative. I have a few key items that I like to keep on hand and will share them with you.

Improvisation is always available when cooking, but the right cooking tool makes everything easier.

  • Mixing Bowls of various sizes are a necessity. These mixing bowls come in a variety of sizes making them great to nest in one another and save space. They also have a hand grip which is highly beneficial.
  • A good whisk is essential for mixing eggs and other liquid ingredients. I always whisk together my eggs prior to adding them to any recipe.
  • Having a Non-Stick Skillet with a lid is another must have for this recipe. One of the keys to making these keto pancakes light and fluffy is covering them while they cook.
  • Pam Cooking Spray is always great to have on hand to pretreat cooking surfaces prior to adding ingredients. If you are looking to keep things lower calorie spraying the pan prior to adding the keto pancakes is wise.
  • Never underestimate the power of a good Spatula in your kitchen. I have four of these Spatulas and one is typically always in use.

Keto Pancakes Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks that I have learned through trial and error, mostly error. And I hope that these help you to have great success with this keto pancake recipe.

Crispy Pancakes

If you like crispy pancakes then cook your bacon in the same pan that you will be cooking your pancakes in. Cook the bacon first and remove the excess grease from the pan.

The grease seasons the pan and allows you to have great flavor added to your pancakes. It also makes the outsides of the pancake more crisp, my cousin will not eat his pancakes any other way.

Bring the Flavor

Because keto pancakes use almond flour they need a bit of oil added to the batter. I have two favorite options for that I like to use for this recipe.

I will use either avocado oil or melted butter, my preference is to use the butter. Avocado oil makes the pancakes a bit lighter, but butter ands a nice flavor. It is all down to your preference.

Because butter brings the flavor it will always be my go to.

Make them fluffy

Cover your pancakes as soon as you drop them onto the pan with a lid. This allows the heat and steam to work together to plump up the pancakes and make them light and fluffy.

While steaming it also helps them to raise and cook through which speeds up the cooking process.

Keto Pancakes FAQ

Can I Prep Keto Pancakes ahead?

  • Absolutely, I will often batch cook meals for the week. These do well reheated, I will reheat my pancakes in the air fryer with some butter on top. But cooking them for a few seconds in the microwave works just fine. I would just add butter or cover with a damp paper towel prior to going into the microwave to prevent them from drying out.

How long can Keto Pancakes be stored?

  • I have stored these for up to 4 days in the refrigerator and up to 3 months in the freezer. When Storing I use Ziploc bags. They are easy to write on and you can store enough for just one meal or person at a time.

Do I have to use Almond Flour or can I use Almond Meal?

  • Because this is a recipe for baking it is best to choose Almond Flour. Almond meal is more like ground almonds and less like flour.
Almond Flour Pancakes, a quick breakfast idea low carb and full of flavor.  perfect for the low carb meal planner.
Keto Pancakes

Keto Pancake Toppings

When it comes to the toppings for these keto pancakes the sky is really the limit. Whatever you like I say go ahead and add it. Here are some ideas for keto pancake toppings that I have used and enjoyed.

  • Butter is the old fashioned stand by when it comes to pancakes, for me it is a must.
  • Cut up fruit of any kind. I am a girl who loves fresh berries and they are always my go to choice.
  • Peanut butter…yes you read that right, don’t knock it until you try it. Peanut butter on pancakes topped with maple syrup is delicious and something that I love to have when I am feeling the need for something hearty.
  • Sugar free chocolate chips are a great option. I love the Lilys brand of chocolate chips especially since they come in a variety of flavors.
  • Chopped Nuts especially walnuts are so delicious sprinkled on top. This is a great option if you also add sugar free syrup.
  • Sugar Free Syrup is a constant go to for me. It just isn’t pancakes if you don’t have syrup.

Give these other recipes a try

Keto Pancakes

Keto Pancakes

The Princess In The Pantry
Keto Pancakes that are easy to put together and a delicious substitute for someone on a low carb or keto diet. Gluten free and full of flavor these are a great option to cook and store for breakfasts for the week.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Servings 4


  • 1 Mixing Bowl
  • 1 Whisk
  • 1 Non-Stick Pan with Lid


  • 1 Cup Almond Flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/2 Cup Milk
  • 1 tbsp Avocado Oil Can use melted butter
  • 1 tsp Swerve Sweetener Can use sugar substitute of choice
  • 1/2 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 pinch Salt


  • In a medium sized mixing bowl add the milk, avocado oil, vanilla extract, and eggs. Whisk together.
  • Add in all the dry ingredients: almond flour, Swerve, baking powder, and salt. Mix ingredients together completely and let them sit for 5 minutes to allow baking powder to activate.
  • Pre-heat non-stick skillet, and add cooking spray to pan. Spoon batter into frying pan in 3 inch size round pancakes and cover. Cook until edges begin to bubble, around 3-4 minutes. Remove the lid, use spatula to turn pancakes, return the lid. Heat another 1-2 minutes. Remove lid and use spatula to remove from the pan. Let sit for a few minutes prior to eating.
  • Cover pancakes with your favorite toppings and enjoy!

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