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Cheese Quesadilla

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Cheese Quesadilla

What do you get when throw together cheddar cheese, a flour tortilla and a few key ingredients. The best Cheese Quesadilla ever!

Cheese Quesadillas are a classic Mexican dish that have become a popular comfort food. With their crispy tortilla and gooey melted cheese filling, they are a perfect snack or quick meal option for any time of day.

Whether you enjoy them as an appetizer, lunch, or dinner, there’s no denying that cheese quesadillas are deliciously addictive. We’ll explore this beloved dish and share some tips on how to make the perfect cheese quesadilla at home.

Read on to discover this easy recipe for a quesadilla.

Looking for a recipe for a quesadilla? 
Then look no further that this quick and easy Cheese Quesadilla recipe.

Why you will love these Cheese Quesadillas

  • Quick Meal: Taking only a few minutes to throw together and cook. The prep time is at most 5 minutes. It really doesn’t get much better than that. If you have ever wanted to learn how to make cheese quesadillas in a pan then this is definitely the recipe for you.
  • Few Ingredients: Requiring only a few ingredients to throw this recipe together. I would guess that you have them in your home already.
  • They are Delicious: Lets face it. Cheese quesadillas are absolutely delicious and always a crowd favorite. They are the perfect finer food and excellent as an appetizer. The fact that they are the perfect hand held food makes them perfect for dipping in guacamole, sour cream, and salsa.
  • Grab and Go: If you are short on time or are trying to grab a meal that can be taken with you then this is a great option.
  • Perfect at Anytime: Whether you are looking for something to cook for breakfast, lunch, or dinner a cheese quesadilla is a great option.
Looking for a recipe for a quesadilla.  With a buttery quesadilla, shredded cheese, and short cook time this restaurant quesadilla is a must try.

Cheese Quesadilla Ingredients

Flour Tortillas: These are my preferred type of tortillas for cheese quesadillas. Corn tortillas can work as well they just need to be brushed with oil and heated through first. But that is a recipe for another day.

Cheese: When it comes to choosing cheeses for quesadillas I think you cannot go wrong when you use a cheese that you know you like. In this recipe for a quesadilla I use shredded cheddar cheese. In fact I prefer to use sharp cheddar cheese as it has an even stronger flavor.

However the beauty of cheese quesadillas is that you can use any type of cheese that you want. I have made these using Monterey jack cheese, pepper jack cheese, and mozzarella cheese and they were all delicious.

Fire Roasted Diced Green Chiles: If you love some extra flavor and kick then I would definitely recommend adding some diced green chiles. They can be purchased in varying degrees of spiciness and add so much to the flavor to the basic cheese quesadilla.

Butter: This is the secret ingredient. Butter brings the flavor and serves to help crisp up the outside of the cheese quesadilla. I prefer to use salted butter because it really brings out the flavor of the flour tortilla.

Best Cheese for Quesadillas

One of the most important ingredients in making quesadillas is cheese. Choosing the right cheese can make a significant difference in the taste and texture of your quesadilla. Here are some of the best cheeses for quesadillas:

  1. Monterey Jack Cheese: This cheese has a mild flavor and melts easily, making it perfect for quesadillas. It is often used in combination with other cheeses like cheddar or pepper jack to create a more complex flavor.
  2. Cheddar Cheese: Cheddar is another popular choice for quesadillas because it has a sharp, tangy flavor that complements the other ingredients well. It also melts easily, giving your quesadilla that gooey texture you crave.
  3. Pepper Jack Cheese: If you like your food spicy, then pepper jack cheese might be the perfect choice for you. This cheese contains bits of jalapeno peppers, which give it a mild heat that pairs well with meats and veggies.
  4. Queso Fresco: Queso fresco is a traditional Mexican cheese that has a crumbly texture and delicate flavor profile. It doesn’t melt as well as some other cheeses but works great when combined with melted Monterey Jack or cheddar to add extra flavor and texture to your quesadilla.
  5. Oaxaca Cheese: Also known as “Mexican string cheese,” Oaxaca has similar melting properties to mozzarella but with more pronounced flavors reminiscent of sour cream and butter.

Assembling The Cheese Quesadilla

Best Cheese For A Quesadilla is cheddar cheese.  Looking for a recipe for a quesadilla then try this cheese quesadilla recipe.

For this recipe I prefer to use a fajita sized tortilla. I have made larger cheese quesadillas using burrito sized tortillas. If that is all that you have on hand then that is fine.

Take a flour tortilla and cover half of it with shredded cheddar cheese. I find that freshly grated cheese has a better taste and tends to melt easier in the skillet.

I will also add some fire roasted diced green chiles in mild flavor to bring that south of the boarder taste.

If there are any additions that you want to add then this is the time to do it. I love to add shredded beef or shredded chicken to my cheese quesadillas to make it more of a meal. Sautéed vegetables such as onions, and bell peppers are a delicious addition as well.

Once the tortilla has the cheese on it go ahead and grab a frying pan or skillet and add some butter to it.

When it comes to cooking a cheese quesadilla it is best to use a Non-Stick Skillet. Using this type of skillet will make it much easier to cook and flip whatever you are cooking. And it is dishwasher safe and oven safe which is a win win in my book.

Cheese Quesadilla Cooking Instructions

If you want Recipes For Cheese Quesadillas then this is a must try.  When looking for a recipe for quesadillas you must start here.

For each cheese quesadilla I will add 1/2 tablespoon of butter to the pan.

I find that cooking over a medium heat works best and helps to keep the butter from burning.

Once the butter is melted I will place the quesadilla cheese side down into the pan.

After a few minutes the bottom of the tortilla should be golden brown. This is the sign that it is time to turn the cheese quesadilla over and cook on the other side.

I will move the cheese quesadilla around the pan making sure that it is coated in the butter. This helps with the cooking but also helps to bring the flavor. One of the biggest reasons that I prefer to cook my quesadillas in a pan on the stove is that I get to cook them in butter. It really adds a richness in flavor that compliments the cheese and tortilla perfectly.

When the tortilla is a golden brown color on both sides and you can tell that the cheese is melted it is finished cooking.

I will use a wide silicon spatula to turn the quesadilla and to remove it from the skillet. I find that this works best for protecting the non-stick skillet but also helps me to maneuver the size of the cheese quesadilla much easier.

When it comes to cutting the quesadilla I prefer to use a Pizza Cutter. It just makes the whole process so much easier, and fun for kids to help out.

Looking for recipes for quesadillas with cheese?  This Quesadilla With Cheese recipe is a must try and quick and easy to make.

Best Fillings For Quesadillas

This delicious and versatile dish can be filled with a variety of ingredients, making it perfect for any meal or occasion. Here are some of the best fillings for quesadillas.

  1. Chicken: One of the most popular filling options for quesadillas is chicken. You can use shredded or diced chicken breast, seasoned with your favorite herbs and spices to add flavor.
  2. Beef: Another great option is beef. Ground beef or thinly sliced steak can be used as fillings for quesadillas.
  3. Vegetables: For vegetarians, vegetables such as bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and spinach make excellent fillings too.
  4. Cheese: No quesadilla is complete without cheese! Cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese are often used in this dish because they melt well and have a mild flavor that complements other ingredients.
  5. Beans: Black beans or refried beans are another great option for filling up your quesadilla while adding protein and fiber to your diet.
  6. Guacamole: Adding guacamole to your quesadilla gives it an extra burst of flavor along with healthy fats from avocados.
  7. Salsa: A simple yet flavorful addition to any quesadilla is salsa. You can choose between homemade salsa recipes to store-bought ones depending on your preference.
  8. Jalapenos: If you like some heat in your food then adding jalapenos will give you that kick you need in every bite!
Mexican Cheese Quesadilla is a perfect option for someone looking for an easy recipe for quesadillas.  This cheese quesadilla recipe is a must try.

How To Freeze And Reheat Cheese Quesadillas

Cheese quesadillas are a delicious and easy-to-make meal, but what if you want to make them ahead of time or save leftovers for later? Freezing and reheating cheese quesadillas is possible, but it requires some special techniques to ensure that the quesadillas don’t become soggy or lose their flavor.

We’ll show you how to freeze and reheat cheese quesadillas so that they taste just as good as when you first made them.

How To Freeze Cheese Quesadillas:

Step 1: Prepare your cheese quesadillas as usual, making sure not to overstuff them with filling. You can use any type of filling you like, such as chicken, beef, beans, or vegetables.

Step 2: Once the quesadillas are cooked and cooled slightly, wrap each one tightly in plastic wrap. Make sure there are no air pockets around the edges.

Step 3: Place the wrapped quesadillas in an airtight container or freezer bag. Label the container with the date and contents so that you remember what’s inside.

Step 4: Place the container in the freezer and store for up to three months.

Here’s how to reheat cheese quesadillas properly:

Step 1: Preheat the oven: Set your oven to 350°F (175°C) and allow it to preheat before placing the quesadillas inside.

Step 2: Prepare the quesadillas: If you have refrigerated leftover quesadillas, remove them from the fridge and let them sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes before reheating. This will prevent them from becoming too cold in the middle while the outside crisps up in the oven.

Step 3: Place on a baking sheet: Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil, then place your cheese quesadillas on it.

Step 4: Cover with foil or lid: Covering your quesadillas with foil or lid helps lock in moisture during reheating which keeps them soft and tender.

Step 5: Reheat for 10-15 minutes: Place the baking sheet in the preheated oven and bake for about 10-15 minutes until heated through and crispy around the edges.

Step 6: Check for doneness: To ensure that your cheese is melted but not burnt, check on your cheese quesadilla every few minutes after ten minutes of heating time has elapsed.

Step 7: Remove from heat: Once done reheating serve hot alongside some fresh salsa, guacamole or sour cream for dipping

Topping Ideas

While cheese quesadillas are delicious on there own they are elevated even more when there are toppings or something to dip them into. My go to will always be sour cream, but I am not she when it comes to condiments and if I can I will have them all.

  • Sour Cream
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole
  • Tomato Soup
Best Quesadilla Cheese is whatever your favorite cheese is.  Looking for a recipe for a quesadilla?  Give this cheese quesadilla recipe a try.

Other Recipes to Try

Cheese Quesadilla

Cheese Quesadilla

What do you get when throw together cheddar cheese, a flour tortilla and a few key ingredients. The best Cheese Quesadilla ever!
Cheese Quesadillas are a classic Mexican dish that have become a popular comfort food. With their crispy tortilla and gooey melted cheese filling, they are a perfect snack or quick meal option for any time of day.
Whether you enjoy them as an appetizer, lunch, or dinner, there's no denying that cheese quesadillas are deliciously addictive. We'll explore this beloved dish and share some tips on how to make the perfect cheese quesadilla at home.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mexican


  • 1 Frying Pan


  • 2 Flour Quesadillas
  • 1 Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 tbsp Salted Butter
  • 2 tbsp Fire Roasted Diced Green Chiles


  • Take a flour tortilla and place it on a flat surface.
    Add a 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese to one side of the tortilla. Add on top of the cheese the fire roasted green chiles and any other fillings that you want.
    Fold the other side of the tortilla over it.
  • In a large non stick skillet add 1 tablespoon of butter.
    Turn the skillet on to medium heat melting the butter.
    Once the butter is melted use both hands to transfer the cheese quesadilla to the skillet with the cheese side towards the skillet.
  • Cook the quesadilla for a few minutes until the bottom is golden brown.
    Use a wide spatula to turn the quesadilla over.
    Cook on both sides until golden brown.
    Remove from heat and serve with your favorite toppings or sides.
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