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About Me…

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Cooking has been a life long passion of mine. As a young girl my mother would pull over a stool for me to stand on and together we would create the most incredible dishes that have become family favorites.

I still have the first apron that she made me, I guess that you could say I am somewhat sentimental.

Traditions were created in those moments and collectively our favorite family dishes have become a staple. And they always lead back to not just good food, but wonderful family moments with all of us gathered around the table enjoying being together.

This past year the best cook in my family, my Great Aunt Maxine passed away. She was such an inspiration to me in how she lived her life, and how she welcomed everyone with love and a meal. In reflecting on her life and the joy that she brought through her hospitality and epic cooking skills I knew that I wanted to do the same.

I decided that I wanted to have a place to share recipes new and old with others. And in that process The Princess In The Pantry was born.

My hope is that as I share recipes old and new with you that you will be able to find dishes that can create moments. Happy moments where you laugh until your belly hurts. Meaningful moments where cherished memories are made.

And empowering moments, where you discover that you are doing better at this thing we call life than you may have thought. Because you are!

My hope for you is that in the cooking of these recipes that you are able to be with those that you love, to enjoy not just good food but also good company.

So here is to discovery and adventure in the kitchen and all of the wonderful places that it may take you.